World Food Day & Parcel/Wrap recipe – Narberth Breeze magazine article Oct-Nov 2016

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For anyone who follows me on social media these hashtags may be familiar. They pop up pretty regularly on my feeds, especially when mentioning my work at Transition Cafe in Fishguard. The USP of the cafe is that we use surplus food to create our daily changing menu.

The main aim of the cafe is to raise local awareness about a global problem – edible food being thrown away. When it opened three years ago Transition Cafe was very unusual, now there are similar initiatives across the UK and lots of media interest. Many of the larger supermarkets have taken action and now give their surplus food away to charities.

At home I’m really aware of how much food we put in the green bin, often it’s bread that’s going mouldy or limp lettuce. The Love Food Hate Waste campaign estimates that the average family could save £700 every year if they threw away less food. There are lots of great tips on their website, such as freezing bread and taking out a slice or two as you need it (we now do this!)

world-food-day-2016Sunday 16th October is World Food Day and the theme this year is, ‘Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too.’ At Transition Cafe we’ll be open over the weekend for an open day and I’ll be running a cookery workshop. Visit the website events or Facebook page to find out more.

This recipe continues the theme of reducing waste. I often dress leftovers up with potatoes (pies and frittatas), pastry (pies, again) or, as in this case, dough. Here’s a simple dough recipe that you can make into wraps or stuff with leftovers and fry or bake into a delicious hot parcel. Check out my previous blog post for a step-by-step photo guide to make them.

Parcels / WrapsShaped Tortilla-wrap-thingys sm

25g/heaped tablespoon plain flour per wrap

approx 12g/level tablespoon water per wrap

a pinch of salt

Leftovers eg leftover veg and meat from a roast; chilli con carne; bolognese sauce; or grated vegetables, cheese &/ ham if there are no leftovers around


Put your flour and salt in a mixing bowl, add the water and mix it together by hand, knead it a little until it’s a smooth ball of dough. Add more water/flour if it’s too dry/wet – too firm and it’s tough to roll out, too wet and it’s too sticky to roll out.

Chop/dice/grate your filling so it’s all in small pieces – so it heats through quickly.

Divide your dough into equal portions, depending on how much flour you used and how many you plan to make. Knead each small portion into a smooth ball, squash flat and roll out into a disc about half a millimetre thick and 20cm diameter (if making wraps – cook in a dry frying pan on a medium heat until opaque white with bubbles of golden brown).

Heap 2-3 tablespoons of filling in the centre of the disc of dough and fold the edges over the filling to make a parcel. Heat a little oil in a frying pan on a medium high heat. Fry on the folded side first and when it has changed colour and started browning flip over to cook the other side. Adjust heat as necessary, they need to brown but not too quickly as the filling needs to warm up too. Alternatively you can bake them in the oven, 180c for 15-20 minutes.

The parcel is cooked when it’s turned opaque white all over with golden brown patches. You can keep them warm in the oven, serve straight away or cool and have them cold for packed lunches.

This article first appeared in Narberth Breeze magazine.